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Frequently asked questions

FAQ and Terms

What is ECU remapping ?
When we remap your ECU we are fine tuning the program that deals with engine performance and management. As well as producing greater power and torque by remapping we also deal with drivability problems at lower rev ranges such as flat spots, turbo lag and hesitation issues giving the engine more initial torque making a more responsive and enjoyable drive.

How much more power or BHP will I get from the ECU remapping ?
No two cars are the same from a ECU remap so no two cars will have the same end result, we will give you the most BHP that we can give you safely but as a guide you can expext to get an increase in the region of what is quoted below. The figures illustrated on this website are for comparison between vehicles under laboratory conditions and are to be used for guidance, as with any remap actual results may vary.

Remapping graph information
Non turbo petrol or diesel - 10-15%
Turbo petrol upto 20-30% more power
Turbo Diesel upto 20-40%
more power
Rolling road

How does remapping effect my MPG ?
It is difficult to put a figure on it because again no two engines or driving styles are ever the same. Petrol Engines usually do not see an MPG gain from remapping, unlike Diesel and Turbo Diesel vehicles, which driven normally with economy in mind, customer feedback indicates an improvement in MPG from our fine tuning. Other factors such as low tyre pressures, roof storage / racks can also have a negative influence in fuel consumption. Supermarket fuel from our experiences does not give the same return as the brand names. We recommend Shell, Texaco or BP. Supermarket Diesel contains a small % of Biodiesel which lowers the cetane rating of mineral diesel and the Petrol contains Ethanol to act as a dilutant.

Will the ECU remapping damage my car ?
The plain and simple answer to this is no. We never use generic ECU remapping files. We will always make a custom map for your vehicle and we never sacrifice the reliability of your car for a few extra BHP's.

Do you have a Rolling Road Dyno?
Yes we do, it is used constantly for research and development of ECU maps for existing and new vehicles not currently in our portfolio.

Do I need to come to you to have the ECU remapping done ?
No we offer a mobile service.

Do I need to inform my insurance company about the ECU remapping ?
We are not advising you "not" to inform your insurance company about your remap but our remapping process is undetectable by any dealer diagnostic equipment. Over 90% of insurance companies will not add any extra premium if you do inform them you have had a "engine tune" so the decision is yours.

If I have specific tuning requirements can you help ?
Yes, in most cases we can remap your car to your specific driving style or needs, whether it be more torque for towing, more power for off-road use or you just want more MPG then we can help.

How long will it take to do the ECU remapping ?
To complete, the ECU remapping process should take no more than 1 hour for remapping through the diagnostic port, but it is usually much less than this but please allow upto 2 hours.

If my car has an automatic gearbox can you still remap it ?
Yes, we can still remap your vehicle even though it has an automatic gearbox. It does not affect how we remap it or the end result.

Does it make any difference if my car has higher than average mileage ?
No it makes no difference what your mileage is, your car will still benefit from a custom ECU remapping session, however realistically the increase may not be as high as a lower mileage vehicle.

Is the ECU remapping reversible ?
Yes, it is totally reversible and if at any time for any reason whatsoever that you would like your car returning to its standard settings we can do this for you as we keep a copy of your original file on our secure database. The normal cost of reversal is £99

What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ?
The 'Satisfaction Guarantee' is a limited gesture whereby if you are not satisfied with the result on the day of the remap, we will return you car back to standard without charge.

What is the lifetime software warranty?
We guarantee our software againt corruption for the life of the vehicle.

Are there any hidden charges or costs for the ECU remapping ?
No absolutely not, the price that you are quoted on the day of your booking is the total price that you pay

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performance figures quotes are for illustrative purposes and as guidelines, as with any performance modification actual results may vary

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